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Welcome to my site

I am a full time artist living in rural coastal Maine, in a house I built myself with the help of friends, many years ago, it is completely sola powered. Sky, my Springer Spaniel and I live here happily.

The richness of the environment we live in is my subject, and what employs people here Lobstering, blueberries, farming and woods work.

My choice of mediums are oil pastel and acrylic. I have a total of over 50 years working with these. 
In the recent past I have had gallery representation, exhibits, won awards and sold my work at art shows. And even had my own gallery, in the restaurant where I was owner/chef, Artist's Cafe.

Selling direct on line will be a new adventure and I look forward to trying it.
You can email me at suzemoon@myfairpoint.net
Thank you for stopping by.